Growing a business with Paid Search – the Pros and Cons

Not all organic search is created equal. Most business owners reading this post are small business owners in a local market with a finite set of local competitors. Some industries are more competitive than others. Some geo markets are more competitive than others. The following analysis stems from years of research done by folks in our local Orlando SEO Company serving our clients in this local market.


SEO is the foundation of any solid, long-term web presence. Without a quality seo presence a business is not regarded as a leader within its industry. We have seen countless times that a business is judged by its presence in local search. Consumers have gotten smart to the ads. He/she has realized that the ads running on the search engines are run by businesses who can afford to be there, but are not necessarily the best.

A business represented in the local organic search section of the first page of a search engine carries with itself a certainly level of quality many consumers have come to expect. For example, if a business is on the first page organically, it is perceived to have been in business for a while, because consumers know it takes time to get there. A business in those ranks didn’t “pay to play” with money. They “pay to play” with time, and time is perceived to be a signifier of quality. The concept of “the cream rises to the top” is invoked here.

Any business planning on being around for years to come needs to make the investment in SEO and set a goal to be on the first page of the major search engines to be considered a viable player in any industry.


The biggest Con to SEO is the very thing that ultimately protects the main players from the “new kids” – time. It takes time to drive to the top. SEO doesn’t happen over night. The very nature of SEO taking time is the reason why consumers have grown to love it so much. Unfortunately, this time element is often a hindrance for small business owners to jump into the seo game, because it is an investment that pays off in the long-term. Much like financing the purchase of a car, SEO is the long-term play. You don’t own the car when you drive it off the car lot, you own it once you have it paid off. SEO is the same way, except you don’t benefit from SEO until you are on the first page of a search engine. So, instead of driving the car off the lot, you have to park it in lay-away for 6-12 months until you show up on that first page. Once you are there, you’ll get to reap the rewards of the purchase and see the leads coming in.

Never the less, SEO is a “must-have” strategy to drive your business forward. Like it or hate it, a business without a solid SEO presence is like a leased car that you’ll eventually have to give back to the dealer.

Mold Remediation and Removal

mold remediationMost people do not realize that one of the biggest health risks at both home and the work place is actually quite preventable- toxic mold. All it takes is simple mold remediation and removal, performed by trained experts. Yet so many people aren’t even aware of this health risk. And let G.I. Joe always say, knowing is half the battle.

Believe it or not, molds are all around us in nature. In fact, mold spores are almost always found in the dust around your house and workplace.. Yet having said that, when a quantity of spores becomes large enough, this can cause a very dangerous health situation for us, possibly leading to serious allergies or breathing issues.

There are molds that even produce substances called mycotoxins which can cause dangerous health issues in people. In fact, the phrase, ‘toxic mold’ is used to describe those molds manufacture certain mycotoxins; for example- Stachybotrys chartarum. However, this is not to say that all molds are toxic. Yet it cannot be denied that if you were to be exposed to large quantities of mycotoxins, it is very possible that you would suffer from neurological problems, and even possible death. Long-term exposure, particularly in the office, has been shown to be especially dangerous.

So what should you do if you suspect that your home or workplace has been invaded by toxic mold? Well, there is where you need to Assess, Remediate and Remove (A.R.R.) ; otherwise, without mold remediation and removal…your home or office is a ticking health bomb.


The very first thing you need to do is assess to see if there is actually mold or not. You can do this by checking you home or office (thoroughly!). If you find that there is mold (and it’s quite visible), you can then estimate the necessary mold remediation which is needed to solve the problem.

When doing an assessment, it is best to focus efforts on spots that show presence of moisture, including vapor.

Mold Remediation

After completing the assessment and determining that yes, there is mold present on the premises, the next thing you must do is STOP THE SOURCE OF GROWTH; namely, moisture. A simple way to solve small cases of mold is to simply wet including sprays) household cleaners, while being careful not to breath in any of the dust from the mold.

Other possible methods to combat mold growth are:

  • air conditioning
  • ventilating
  • improved
  • insulation
  • heating
  • fabric restoration

INCORRECT ways to remove mold would be:

  • exposure to dry air and sunlight
  • application of  ozone
  • exposure to high heat
  • application of fungicides.

It is important to remember that the only true method to properly remove mold is with detergent solutions which succeed in removing the mold physically. What’s more, you should take care to confirm that any product that your purchase for mold removal is approved by the EPA.


This is where you want to eliminate the darn mold and get rid of anything that has been contaminated by the mold. As a rule of thumb, killing the culprit, the mold, is simply doesn’t cut it. The mold itself has to be removed from the premises as there are substances, which are toxic to humans, that remain even after killing the mold.

If you are unsure that you can remove the mold yourself, never hesitate to consult a professional. It may be necessary to do a HVAC cleaning, which should always be performed by an expert.

As any trained professional will tell you, proper protective clothing is also a must.


  • Dry brushing or agitation
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Vacuuming
  • Damp wipe
  • HEPA vacuum

Finally, it cannot be overstated that depending on the level of mold toxicity, professional Gainesville mold remediation and removal may be needs; sometimes, the job is just too tough (and dangerous) to try solo.

The ABC of Domestic Violence Attorney Business

What is a Domestic Violence Business?

Domestic Violence AttorneyIt is a well-known fact that domestic violence is on the rise these days. Every day, more and more cases come to light, especially through the media. Consequently, the need to find reliable professional domestic violence attorneys has also risen lately. This increasing demand has resulted in further specialization as far as domestic violence is concerned. More and more law firms are specializing in this area and expanding their services to include family law as well. Let’s take a look at what these services have to offer.

What is a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Technically, any licensed lawyers can represent a client in a case of domestic violence. However, and in spite of this fact, many attorneys choose to specialize in family law. Moreover, a percentage of family attorneys take a step ahead and become domestic violence attorneys. These lawyers are usually practicing criminal law, either as public defenders, prosecutors or in private practice. Most people who have become victims of domestic violence will look for a domestic violence attorney. Even when not all cases of divorce involve domestic violence, most widely sought-after family lawyers specialize in this area sooner or later.

Services Involved

Most domestic violence attorneys take cases in which this event is presented together with other aspects, such as divorce, child abuse or harassment. Professionals deal with many issues at the same time. However, their main task is to deal with the civil aspects of the case, for example, filing for divorce, requesting restraining orders, seeking child support or alimony payments. Further responsibilities may involve advising families on counseling and shelter.

Domestic Violence Attorneys: Costs and Salaries

According to salary experts, a family law attorney gets a salary that ranges from $90,000 to $130,000 a year. The cost of hiring a family lawyer however is very difficult to determine with precision. This is the reason why instant quotations are generally not available in this line of business. Coming up with a figure with a total cost is nearly impossible because there are so many different factors involved that an accurate assessment from the beginning is highly unlikely. Finding out with former clients may provide a clearer picture. Besides, consulting with criminal attorneys is sometimes the best alternative, since their costs are a good starting point.

What should a Good Domestic Violence Business offer?

There are three key ingredients a reliable family attorney service must have.

The Service must be Secure:

Professional legal services provided by a firm must be secure in all senses: it must not only give the victim a sense of security, but also ensure that all legal procedures are carefully and properly followed.

The Service must be Certified: All legal professionals working on the case must be thoroughly-certified and fully-licensed. Some law firms have one or two certified attorneys, but the rest of the collaborators are not even paralegals. A case of domestic abuse calls for 100% professional legal workers.

The Service must be Confidential: Domestic abuse usually involves some highly personal and very sensitive issues that must be handled with extreme caution. Most of the times, victims include minors who are at risk.

South Lake Tahoe Property Management Made Simple and Lucrative

So, you have property in South Lake Tahoe and are hoping to profit from your investment by renting it out? You could go solo on this venture, but you will probably end up with a head full of gray hairs. It’s better to work with a property management company. Let’s find out why:

It takes two: partnering

Sometimes one of the best methods for property management in South Lake Tahoe is by taking the approach of having a partner. Since you would be working (and earning) in one single venture with this partner, the motive would be the same for both. Hence, you can expect to not need to deal with the expected: the same ole’ set of heavy fees. Rather, the property management company would focus their energies on earning their bread (or bacon, or mula, or cash or profit; take your pick) by making sure the occupancy rate and rental rate are optimal for them to make the profit.

For example, the property management company your choose to work with in South Lake Tahoe SHOULD offer:

  • a flat rate commission
  • no additional credit card fees
  • no additional hidden fees

If not, then, you don’t want them as a partner- and it’s nothing personal; it’s just business.

Occupancy Maximization

Obviously, it’s not always just about the Benjamin’s, yet finding a South Lake Tahoe vacation rental property management company that can put their money where their mouth is and back up their claims by showing proof that they know hot to maximize occupancy rates is definitely a key factor in choosing a property management partner.

The company should employee an up-to-date and effective online marketing campaign that uses (also) up-to-date SEO marketing strategies which will guarantee large traffic going to their website (and thus seeing your property).

The property management company you choose to work with should also be able to list your property on many websites- this is key to maximizing the exposure of your property to as many potential clients as possible.

On their website, they should also offer an online 24-hour reservation system, plus professional agents with experience in booking reservations and who know the local market quite well- this is another key to put you at peace of mind that the occupancy of your property can and will be maximized.

Local Management Team

As mentioned above, your want the property management that you choose to work with to know the South Lake Tahoe market very well; that means you want to be working with a local management team who is, well, comprised of locals.

With management team compromised of locals, you know that you will have a partner group that knows the market, its people, and the kind of people that you and they both want renting your property.

The company that you choose should be able to screen folks who are potential renters and discover quality guests, and thus protect your property and investment by being strict with the rental and occupancy rules.

They should also do inspections on a weekly basis of every property, which will ensure that the standards of security and quality are maintained.

And it goes without saying that they should be able to offer 24-hour assistance to both you the property owner and the guest(s).

So, bow you know what you need to look for in a property management company to work with you to maximize your property investment in South Lake Tahoe. The key is that they must be willing to be your business partner, and specifically link their profit directly to yours; the harder they work to protect your investment and help you earn money, the bigger their profit as well.